Dentist Provider is the ultimate search engine for dental professionals and it's easy to use.

Here’s how it works for employers:

1. Sign up using our simple registration process. It's free, confidential, and only requests your basic information.

2. Search by city and state for a dental professional and use our convenient filters to zero in on the exact candidate you are looking for.

3. Review customized profiles, case portfolios, videos, peer and client reviews, and publications of dental professionals. Contact the candidates through our messaging system or simply add them to your favorites for further review and to revisit on a later date.

4. Hire the perfect dental professional for your practice.

This is how we are different from our competitors:

1. We provide a platform for comprehensive profile customization including procedural competencies, case portfolio & videos, and all professional achievements. Each profile displays patient and peer ratings. Learn much more about a candidate beyond a simple resumé.

2. Use our proprietary search system to find candidates within seconds based on the exact criteria you are looking for, whether it is based on a star rating, procedural competence, language, education, or any other detail about the candidate.

3. If you are looking to hire a dentist that provides in-house specialty services, we are the platform for you. Use our special filters to find dental professionals that provide in-house specialty services based on where they are located and how far they are willing to travel.

4. Use your account to create a dental professional profile to connect with colleagues. You can easily switch back and forth between your employer profile and dental professional profile.



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