What is Dentist Provider?

Dentist Provider is the first search engine in the dental industry specifically designed to help dentists find and connect with the right employer, associate, or specialist. Dentist provider creates a network of searchable dentists and specialists based on each provider's abilities and experience. Whether you're a dentist searching for an associate capable of placing implants, a specialist needing increasing referrals or traveling jobs, or simply a dentist looking for a job, this site will help you tremendously. What does this all mean? You can find the right colleague to increase production, better your case outcome, and decrease turnover.

How We Help Dentists Looking for Jobs

For Dentists entering the field or veteran Dentists, looking for an associate position can be a frustrating and daunting task. Furthermore, most dentists carry the burden of substantial student loans and debt which perpetuates the stress of this process. Most dentists in this position will go on multiple working interviews, often compromising their value to gain employment. This can lead to a high turnover rate in employment. Utilizing the Dentist Provider Network, Dentists seeking employment can highlight their skills and abilities enabling the right office to find them and compensate them for what they truly deserve.

How We Help Dentists Looking to Hire an Associate

Attracting great associates can be a game-changer for your dental practice. Dentist Provider helps you define the key criteria that are important for you and helps you reach thousands of potential candidates. Our online system will assist you with crafting a detailed job description. It is always best to put your best foot forward and detail all the perks and benefits of joining your practice. Being transparent about the clientele you serve, the hours you operate, and any special focus areas can help build trust and reliance on your company principles.

How We Help Specialists

As specialists, most of your patients and most of your work are derived from referrals. Many specialists have long-established working relationships which are great. However, there is a high rate of new dentists establishing offices and older dentists retiring in the ever-changing dental field. Plus, with the increasing rate of specialists in every field, an inherent increase in competition puts your referral base at risk. Utilizing the Dentist Provider Network, specialists can create a profile highlighting procedures and advanced techniques they perform. These highlights will be searchable and help set you apart from other specialists in your area. Specialists will also be able to further demonstrate their skills by displaying completed cases. Another unique feature is that each profile with have an online fillable and printable referral form, so the process of referring to you is streamlined. The result will be increased referral and production.

The Traveling Specialist…

With the economic climate not as strong as it once was, more and more general dentists are offering specialized services in the office by utilizing “traveling specialists.” Two concerns have arisen as a result. Firstly, where does one find these “traveling specialists”? Secondly, how does one assess the quality of their work? The latter concern is of particular significance as there is a shared liability with a traveling specialist. The Dentist Provider Network facilitates the process of utilizing a “traveling specialist” by allowing traveling specialists to create profiles that include procedures they provide as well as case presentations of their work. This allows the general dentist to search for a traveling specialist and assess the quality of their work before allowing them to treat their patients. Conversely, traveling specialists will significantly increase their web presence and exposure to general practitioners by creating a dentist provider profile.

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